Lovecult @ Arka Oda - 14.03.10 Sunday + Interview

(Metnin Türkçesi de çok yakında eklenecek)

As Ychorus writers we made a small interview with the sweet "Lovecult" members Ivan and Anna from Russia whom will give a concert in Arka Oda, Istanbul on 14th March Sunday.

Ychorus: What Influences your music except music ? :)

Lovecult :Love, energy and energy of love! Tiny everyday tragedies, vast oceans of hope. Void and infinity.

Ychorus: What is the process of creating your music ? Are you improvising and recording them or you are planning things and record it ?

Lovecult :There is little planning in our lives.  How we play is not really improvisation, it’s more like jamming and dubbing.

Ychorus: Kria Bekkan, Vialka, the beloved musicians who played with you in various cities. Now you have one more thing in common ! You all will be played in İstanbul ! What is the story of coming to İstanbul ? What do you expect from the gig ?

Lovecult :Oh, Eric from Vialka is so crazy about Istanbul! Best advice we got from him was “get lost and enjoy”. We’ve been doing that a lot! It’s a long story how we got here and not the best one. Life’s full of chances and often people end up in places they don’t expect, ha ha ha. But isn’t that awesome? We expect to meet some like-minded personalities and try our best to share all the good vibes, all the bliss we’ve been collecting inside with them. Arkaoda is an amazing venue, we are very lucky to play there. It’s a nice place to fall asleep to our music…

Ychorus: What’s the first impression that you get from the music of İstanbul ? Any bands that you liked ?

Lovecult :There is this old man playing baglama in Taksim. He has his grandson with him who holds the mic for him, and his voice and baglama are amplified with that shitty little combo. This guy has been jamming an outstanding set of perfect outsider psychedelic noise folk or something like that two weeks ago. We tried to see him again but he wasn’t there. And we spent last night jamming with Berk (I Create Soundscapes) in a small bedroom, that guy is radical! He’s able to make this cool mystical shit and he’s also a great pop singer, believe me!

Ychorus:Do you think visuality has anything to do with lo – fi music ?

Lovecult : I’m not sure if I get what you mean… I like when you don’t need your brain, any logic to get into the feeling. That’s how music and visual stuff works, that’s very cool. And music is always associated with sights and smells and feelings…

Ychorus:Anything you’d like to add ?

Lovecult : Aşk herşeyin üstesinden gelir. (A Turkish sentence meaning: Love comes over from everything.)

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